Tearing the Skycraft

by Jamil Moledina on February 14, 2011

Speaking at Blizzard

A few days ago, I delivered a postmortem of Tearing the Sky at Blizzard Entertainment in Irvine, California. Most of you probably know this, but Blizzard is the game development studio responsible for World of Warcraft, the world’s largest massively multiplayer role playing game, as well as the deeply satisfying science fiction real time strategy hit Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty. I spoke for 75 minutes in the Blizzard theater, describing the process of writing the novel, what went right and what went wrong, highlighted along the way with relevant readings. The presentation was part of a series of talks in Blizzard’s /learn series, a program in which creators of entertainment from outside the company share their experiences. While /learn is ostensibly about inspiring the Blizzard creative team, the warm welcome and full hour of provocative questions and answers resulted in inspiration flowing back in the other direction too.

The presentation description appeared in the Blizzard newsletter as follows:

Tearing the Sky: A Postmortem of an Indie Science Fiction Novel

Tearing the Sky took ten years to get into print, but it didn’t need to. Improved tools of production and access to market have radically altered the balance of power between would-be authors and the iron curtain of the old book publishing world. This presentation outlines the process of one person developing a series of ideas, building a first story, drafting a full-length manuscript, shopping for an agent, shopping for a publisher, signing a book deal, parting from said publisher, working with an editor, working with an artist, coding print and digital manuscripts, marketing and selling, and finally gasping for air.

Jamil Moledina is Outreach Director, Business Development for EA Partners, and serves on the Board of Directors of the IGDA.  He previously directed the GDC, and served as editor of Game Developer magazine.

I reconnected and met with some amazing people at Blizzard, some of them aspiring writers themselves. I hope my small example helps push them to present their amazing stories too.

I’d also like to give special thanks to Sunshine Okano and Rob Pardo at Blizzard. Their generosity and passion for sharing creative ideas made this presentation happen.



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Gifting Tearing the Sky on Kindle

by Jamil Moledina on December 23, 2010

Tearing the Sky on Kindle

If you’re scrambling for a last-second gift, you might consider giving a digital copy of Tearing the Sky through Amazon’s Kindle product page for the book. This feature was just implemented in November, and is a great way to share books with friends and family. It’s quite easy too. If you’re on the page, under the “Buy now with 1-Click” button, there’s now a button that says “Give as Gift.” You will need to find out what e-mail address the recipient has tied to their Kindle account, but that’s the only information you need to provide.

I certainly can’t think of a more unique and stimulating gift for that special someone on your list!

Happy Holidays!


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The Perfect Gift

December 16, 2010

Given that the holiday buying season is perfunctorily related to organized religions, giving copies of Tearing the Sky as presents does make for the perfect ironic gift. Why ironic? Our outreach focused on the main characters and the enormous scale of the canvas, but we didn’t frontload too many of the key elements into the […]

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Ümloud! Prize: Tearing the Sky

December 7, 2010

Co-founders Chris Kohler and Joe Markert kindly invited us to participate in Ümloud!, their annual Rock Band competition and fundraiser for Child’s Play, a charity for sick kids in hospitals. Chris and Joe are pretty amazing guys on their own, Chris created and runs the Game|Life blog on Wired.com, and Joe is the Chief Gaming […]

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Borderlands Books Launch

November 14, 2010

We had our first reading, signing, and after party for Tearing the Sky at Borderlands Books yesterday, Saturday November 13.  It was a wonderful success, and the turnout was beyond our expectations, with standing room only at the back. I began my remarks with a little background on me, in terms of where the book […]

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Live in the Apple iBookstore

November 11, 2010

Tearing the Sky is live in the Apple iBookstore. You can access it from the iBooks app on the iPad or iPhone, and download the book right away. I’m quite impressed with the presentation of the book on the iPad. The pages turn with a natural rolling effect, and the ePub format of iBookstore books […]

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Tearing the Sky Available Today

November 9, 2010

We’re finally here! The press release just went live, announcing the print and digital availability of Tearing the Sky. The print version is for sale for $14.95 on Amazon.com and BarnesAndNoble.com, and in physical bookstores such as Borderlands Books. Speaking of which, Borderlands received a large delivery of books yesterday in preparation for the launch […]

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Tearing the Sky Trailer

November 2, 2010

Our trailer for Tearing the Sky just went live. We all see how effective a trailer is at conveying the key themes of a film or game, so we chose to use the same medium to describe the novel. We used the cover art, a reference painting I created during the writing process, and photographs […]

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The First Reading

November 1, 2010

While our official press release and notice of availability is still a week away, we’ve started letting people know about the first reading of Tearing the Sky at Borderlands Books at 866 Valencia Street in San Francisco, on Saturday November 13 at 5pm. In the words of our PR person Angela Nibbs: You are cordially […]

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The Means of Production

November 1, 2010

We’ve hit an internal milestone in the production of Tearing the Sky, in that all versions of the book are final and submitted for certification by the platforms. Unpacking that a bit, that means we created a digital typeset of the book as a PDF for the print version, an EPUB version for the Apple […]

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