The Perfect Gift

by Jamil Moledina on December 16, 2010

I want a copy of Tearing the Sky!

Given that the holiday buying season is perfunctorily related to organized religions, giving copies of Tearing the Sky as presents does make for the perfect ironic gift.

Why ironic? Our outreach focused on the main characters and the enormous scale of the canvas, but we didn’t frontload too many of the key elements into the snapshot description of the story. However, an essential plot point is that religion is treated as mythology by mainstream culture in the novel. Much as current knowledge of Ra and Zeus is relegated to the study of ancient cultures, in the novel only students have a real sense of the religious stories and books that some people in our time make life and death decisions upon. Adults have no conception of it, it’s a relic of ancient history. Only the antagonists of the story take religion seriously, which is what the title of the novel alludes to.

So if you have any strongly religious people on your holiday gift list who you want to expose to an alternative point of view, or any skeptical, agnostic, or atheist friends you want to expand a discussion with, Tearing the Sky is the perfect holiday gift!



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