Praise for Tearing the Sky

“In his thrilling new book, Tearing the Sky, Jamil Moledina boldly remakes the space opera for a new generation of hard SF disciples. Jamil’s writing has all the scope of Asimov, the technical depth of Bear, and a take on the human, and non-human, spirit that is uniquely his own.”
Jesse Alexander, Emmy-winning writer & executive producer of the TV shows Lost, Heroes, and Alias

“Stimulating and provocative, writing for both sides of one’s mind, Jamil Moledina spins far-flung future history like a shimmering spider web in the sun. Through a fictional frame, Tearing the Sky reveals the next evolution of us – ever propelled forward into rational thought and artificial existence and yet struggling, still, with the stunning and emotional imperfections in being human.”
John Gaeta, Oscar-winning special effects supervisor of The Matrix films

“When you read the first chapter of Tearing the Sky, you find yourself consumed; by the elegance of its settings, by the needs of its vividly identifiable characters, and by the wondrous belief that Jamil Moledina might just actually pull off a story that seems so impossibly grand in scope. When you read the last chapter, he has done so, and you find yourself in awe.”
Christian Gossett, creator of The Red Star graphic novels

“I am one of the lucky few who has had a chance to read Tearing the Sky and I can tell you it is a visionary work, especially for a first time (but not the last time!) author. Jamil has crafted a unique story that is epic in scope, but intimate in approach.”
Mark Long, creator of the Shrapnel and Blacklight graphic novels and games

“A fun, thought-provoking distant future on the brink of apocalypse, Jamil Moledina’s Tearing the Sky tickles the neurons with this holy war for the fate of the universe (and all its miniverses).”
Nick Sagan, author of the novels Idlewild, Edenborn, and Everfree

Tearing the Sky is a great read full of engaging characters, rollicking action, and more than a couple surprises, but where it really shines is in tackling deeper themes seldom approached in space operas. It’s a great balance of hard and soft sci-fi and a consummate page-turner to boot! I highly recommend it.”
Greg Zeschuk, co-executive producer of the Mass Effect games

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